Civil CAD Course

  • Start from zero
  • Learn the concepts
  • Learn to design with Civil CAD
  • Earn a Certificate & Showcase skills
₹ 499

ACT-MEP offers "online" Civil CAD essential training course, delivered live online over some sessions. The course will teach students to gain knowledge about drafting civil projects and use them with a set of drawings which include planning, profile cross-sections, topographic maps, and subdivisions. The training course focuses on fundamentals majority need to understand to start their career as Civil Engineer.

Live Online Class (Instructor-Led)
  • Join live online course & learn directly from experts
  • Classes starts every Monday
  • Daily Three batches Morning / Afternoon and evening
  • Work on a Mini- Project
  • Refresher course every week after the course is completed
₹ 499
Time Table
Duration : 3 days
Course Code : HDB
Course Cost : ₹ 499
Get in Touch : 7204160004

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