HVAC Design Blueprint Mastery Course

  • Start from zero
  • Learn the concepts
  • Develop a career around HVAC Designing & Project Management
  • Earn a Certificate & Showcase skills
₹ 2999

ACT-MEP offers "online" HVAC Design essential training course, delivered remotely over a number of sessions. The course will enable students to Design, Draft, and do the Project Management. The training course focuses on fundamentals majority need to understand in order to start their career as HVAC Engineer.

Live Online Class (Instructor-Led)
  • Join live online course & learn directly from experts
  • Classes starts every Monday
  • Daily Three batches Morning / Afternoon and evening
  • Work on a Mini- Project
  • Refresher course every week after the course is completed
₹ 2999
time table
Duration : 3 days
Course Code : HDB
Course Cost : ₹ 2999
Get in Touch : 7204160004

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