Job Oriented Autocad Course in Bangalore

Joining on an Autocad training  or undertaking Autocad course at AlpineCoachTree in Bangalore  is without a doubt the best way to start learning your 2D or 3D computer-aided design skills, as 2D drafting and 3D modelling form important core skills that are required across all industry disciplines.

This course is designed for the new AutoCAD learners (freshers) and also for the people who want to go for advanced levels in it. It incorporates the features, commands, and techniques for creating, editing, and printing drawings with AutoCAD LT.

Our programs are suitable for:

  • Beginners looking to explore new career opportunities in the industry.
  • Intermediate-level users looking to improve their current skills and portfolio.
  • Those who are looking to get the Certification.

Module 1: AutoCAD interface

  • Starting software
  • User interface
  • Opening existing file
  • Detailing of coordinate system

Module 2: Drafting tools

  • Creation of drawings
  • Commands and tool pickup
  • Creating lines and circles
  • Undo and redo actions
  • Advanced drafting tools

Module 3: Function keys

  • Detailing of function keys
  • Drafting settings
  • Polar Tracking
  • Snap and grid

Module 4: Changes in drafting

  • Selection objects for editing
  • Move, copy, rotate of objects
  • Mirroring of objects
  • Trimming and extending of lines
  • Scaling of objects

Module 5: Annotate

  • Making dimensional constraints
  • Leaders and multi leaders
  • Linear and aligned dimensions
  • Creating of text
  • Advanced texting tools

Module 6: Layers

  • Creating layers
  • Filter in layers
  • Grouping of layers
  • Layer state

Module 7: Blocks and groups

  • Creating blocks
  • Block concept
  • Grouping of elements
  • Dynamic blocks

Modules 8: Utilities

  • Utilities of AutoCAD
  • Advanced utilities
  • Attributes
  • Editing attributes

Modules 9: Plotting

  • Plotting of objects
  • Publishing of objects
  • Creating templates
  • Sheetset management
  • Creating layout
  • Advanced technique in layout creation

Module 10: Billing of materials

  • Part reference
  • Inserting part lists

Modules 11: Creating 3D

  • Creating of 3D models
  • 3D tools
  • Modelling of objects
  • Editing of 3d objects

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