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Course Overview

The HVAC Technician course is comprised of 10 separate modules combined to ensure all students are fully prepared to become Green HVAC Certified Technician.

Green HVAC Technician

The Green HVAC Technician Course has a clear clear-cut vision of necessary knowledge to gain employment in the HVAC & Green HVAC industry. This HVAC Technician course provides comprehensive coverage on the Maintenance of Window, Decretive Split, Duct Split, Package, AHU, FAHU, FCU, Central A/C and Extract Systems. Our HVAC Technician course delivers fundamental concepts of HVAC systems in Green Buildings, Residential and Commercial Buildings with the most current trends, and practical applications with simple language and skillfully presented concepts. This Green HVAC course covers 10 Modules.

  1. Understanding the Green Building Concept
  2. Understanding the types of HVAC
  3. Basic Fundamentals of District Cooling
  4. Understanding the types of HVAC
  5. Understanding the Fundamental working systems of HVAC
  6. Understanding the Fundamental systems of Heat Exchangers
  7. Understanding the Fundamentals of Chill Water System
  8. Understanding the Maintenance Management of HVAC
  9. Fundamental Maintenance of Cooling Towers, FAHU, AHU, FCU, Gray Water Systems, Package Unit, Duct Split, Split, Window
  10. Troubleshooting, Servicing & Maintenance of HVAC
  11. Understanding BMS ( Building Management Systems )
  12. Understanding Indoor Air Quality
  13. Methods working for Duct Cleaning & RASA (Return Air Supply Area) Cleaning
  14. Energy Management
  15. Green HVAC Business Marketing
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