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MEP Courses

Electrical Design and Drafting Bangalore

ACT is one of the leading electrical professional certificate course providers In Bangalore. We offer a highly competitive professional electrical design and drafting program. It is ideal for people looking to work in areas in the electrical power supply industry which require a high degree of technical knowledge.

Our drafting training equips graduates with the skills necessary to take on challenging professional roles which entail supervising others.

Students gain knowledge of the key elements of electrical engineering which aids them in honing work skills.

The electrical professional certificate course’s contents are on par with the latest advancements in the sphere of electrical engineering, and enable students to further their job prospects.

Join us today to pave way for a bright future.

Electrical Designing Course Modules


  • Introduction to MEP
  • Scope of electrical designing and Drafting.
  • Duties, Roles and Responsibilities of Electrical Design Engineer.
  • Different Services used in Buildings
  • Co-ordination with other discipline.

Fundamentals of Electrical

  • Types of electricity
  • Sources of electricity
  • General concept of
  • Generation
  • Transmission
  • Distribution of Electrical Energy
  • Definitions, terms and terminologies in electrical engineering.
  • Different symbols.
  • House wiring Concept.
  • Important Formulas.

Codes and Standards

  • Indian Electricity Rules
  • NEC
  • BIS
  • BS
  • DEWA
  • IEC
  • NEMA
  • NFPA
  • IEEE

Major Electrical load used in installation

  1. Lighting Load
    • Calculation of No. of lights required based on LUX.
    • Types of lights (GLS, FTL, CFL, LED, MVL, SVL..etc.)
    • Selection of lights
    • Selection of lights by using soft ware (CGLux, Relux, DIALux.)
    • Selection of Fans
    • Selection of Exhaust Fan(CFM)
  2. Utility Power Load
    • Power socket selection
    • Types of sockets used.
    • Phase Distribution
    • Load Scheduling

Electrical Design Calculations

  • Load and Maximum demand Calculations
  • Cables

Description of Conductors, Strands, Cores and Insulation of cables

Armoured and Unarmoured Cables

Selection of cables

  • Voltage Drop Calculations
  • Switch Gears(Circuit protection Devices)

Difference between fuse and Circuit Breaker

Types of Circuit Breaker

Selection of Circuit Breakers

Selection of ELCB

  • Means of Electrical distribution in installation(Panel Boards)

Description of different types of Panels, switch boards, DB, SMDB, MDB.

Cable trays, trunking or raceways, conduits and underground Pipes

Panel Designing with live practical’s

  • Transformers

Theory of transformer

Working Principle of transformer

Transformer types

Transformer selection based on Load and Losses

  • Generators

Generator types

Generator selection

  • Capacitor Bank

Selection of Capacitor bank

Bus bar calculations and selection for high rise buildings.

  • Single Line Diagram
  • Earthing Calculations
  • Lightning Arrestor
  • Solar Panels
  • Ups/Inverter and Battery bank calculations
  • Low Current System.


Types of CCTV

Placement of Camera

Puvlic Address System(PAS)

Various Design Stages of Electrical Project

  • Understanding building plan
  • Gathering specific data from the utilities
  • Understand client specific requirement
  • Estimation and costing of project
  • Electrical design calculations
  • Preparation of single line diagram
  • Preparation of technical specification
  • Preparation of detail layout
  • Coordination with other services like HVAC, Plumbing FF Layout.
  • Preparation of Bill Of Quantities(BOQ)
  • Issue of tender
  • Preparation of Shop Drawings
  • Electrical consultant for installation
  • Testing and commissioning with respective authorities
  • reparation of As Build Drawing

Electrical Draughting

  • Basic AutoCAD Commands
  • Symbols and Legend
  • Light load Layout
  • Power load layout
  • Single line diagram
  • Earthing layout
  • CCTV layout
  • Cable tray
  • Bus Bar layout