Electrical Design & Drafting

The Electrical Design & Drafting course helps you master core domains like Codes & Standards, Designing, Project Management, Estimation. In addition to the 21 core modules of Electrical Training in Bangalore, created by Alpine Coach Tree (ACT), we offer project-based training to the help the students to get the live experience

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2 Months

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Course Syllabus
14+ Modules

Includes 3 Specialization


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At ACTMEP, we give value and learn and have fun at the same time! Here is what we have in store for our students in the 2 months HVAC course.

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Electrical Training and Design Course Institute in Bangalore

Who can Join

Freshers EEE (B. Tech / BE) (Diploma EEE)
Working Electrical Professionals can upgrade their skills to take up greater positions in their current organisations.

About the Course

ACT is one of the leading electrical design & drafting certificate course providers In Bangalore. We offer a highly competitive professional electrical design and drafting program. It is ideal for people looking to work in areas in the electrical power supply industry which require a high degree of technical knowledge.

  • Our Job Oriented Courses for Electrical Engineers equips graduates with the skills necessary to start their career as Electrical Engineer.
  • The electrical professional certificate course’s contents are on par with the latest advancements in the sphere of electrical engineering which will sharpen the work skills of the students to further in their job prospects.

Key Features

  • 70 Hours of instructor led training
  • Project work
  • Industry Experts Support
  • Course Manual
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Communication
  • Training

Electrical Opportunities

Electrical is the one of the highest paid industry, in recent years in India. There has been a rise in construction, automation, Lighting, Audio and Visual Communication industries in demand to electrical energy henceforth creating numerous jobs for Electrical Engineers with right skills.


Course Modules



Module 1: Introduction to electrical design

  • Basics of Electrical power system
  • Over view of Generation Transmission and Distribution System
  • Power transmission fundamentals
  • Why electrical in MEP Design?

Module 2: Understanding Building Orientation

  • Introduction to architectural Layouts
  • Different types of false ceiling
  • Work plane
  • Brief introduction to elevation view

Module 3: Luminare Calculation

  • Introduction to lighting system
  • Lamps and luminaries types
  • Concepts of lighting design
  • Selection of lux for lighting design
  • Room index calculation
  • Calculating COU for lighting design
  • Manual calculation for interior lighting
  • Manual calculation for exterior lighting
  • Manual calculation for emergency lighting
  • Practical example on lighting design

Module 4: RELUX software for interior lighting

  • Introduction to RELUX software
  • Step by step Importing AutoCAD file to RELUX
  • Creating scenes for interior lighting design
  • Editing project scenes in RELUX software
  • Selection of luminaries
  • Calculating number of luminaries using RELUX software
  • Exporting from RELUX to autocad 2D
  • Exporting from RELUX to excel
  • Practical example on RELUX interior lighting design

Module 5: RELUX software for exterior lighting

  • Introduction to exterior lighting
  • Selection of luminaire for exterior lighting
  • Basics of street lighting design

Module 6: DIALUX software for interior lighting design

  • Introduction to DIALUX software
  • Difference between RELUX and DIALUX
  • First lighting system design
  • Second lighting system design
  • DIALUX bathroom design
  • Emergency lighting design
  • Interior lighting design using blue icon in DIALUX
  • Practical example on DIALUX software

Module 7: DIALUX software for exterior lighting design

  • Selection of luminaire for exterior lighting in DIALUX
  • Basics of street light design
  • Basics of playground lighting
  • Playground lighting design

Modules 8: Approval for power supply from service provider

  • To estimate the total connected load(w or kw)
  • To calculate the total demand(w or kw)
  • Diversity factor calculation
  • Applying for approval to service provider(BESCOM,TNEB,BRPL & more)
  • Thumb rule calculation

Module 9: Power Network design

  • Power flow from distribution to appliances
  • Importance of circuits
  • Circuit types
  • Light circuit design
  • Power circuit design

Module 10: Power network Distribution

  • Importance of phase distribution
  • When to select single phase and three phase system
  • Load distribution to each phase
  • Balancing 3 phases

Module 11:Power network protection

  • Introduction to Circuit Breakers
  • Properties and Types of Circuit Breakers
  • Difference between circuit breakers and isolators
  • Circuit breaker selection
  • Power system design with ELCB
  • Short circuit current calculation

Module 12: Panel board design

  • Introduction to panel boards
  • Panel board wiring
  • Selection of panel board
  • Types of panel boards
  • Panel board sizing

Module 13: Wires and Cables

  • Introduction to wires and cables
  • Types of cables
  • Difference between cables and wires
  • Selection of cables
  • De-rating current calculation
  • Cable sizing
  • Bus bar sizing
  • Selection of cable insulation
  • Voltage drop calculation(VD)

Module 14: Conduits and cable tray

  • Conduit types
  • Conduit sizing
  • Calculating with spacing factor
  • Different types of cable tray
  • Cable tray sizing
  • Trench design

Module 15: Transformer selection

  • Brief introduction to transformers
  • Types of transformers
  • Types of transformer connection
  • Transformer sizing (kva)
  • HT yard design

Module 16: DG design

  • Need for a DG
  • Working of DG
  • Synchronizing DG to Power System
  • DG Sizing methods
  • Calculating diesel requirement
  • Diesel tank sizing

Module 17: Power factor improvement

  • Why power factor to be improved?
  • Difference between reactive power and real power
  • Need for reactive power
  • Capacitor bank sizing
  • Implementation of capacitor bank

Module 18:Electrical secondary protection systems

  • Need for earthing in power system
  • Types of earthing
  • Earthing pit designing
  • Earthing system design
  • Earthing cable sizing

Module 19: Lightning protection

  • To calculate the total coverage area
  • Materials used for lightning protection
  • Lightning protection design
  • Lightning arrestor calculation
  • Termination of lightning protection

Module 20: Solar energy

  • Introduction to solar Energy
  • Advantages and disadvantages of PV cells
  • Can I install solar panels by myself?
  • Off-grid solar system
  • Determine power consumption demand load
  • Sizing the PV modules
  • Inverter sizing
  • Battery sizing using DOD values
  • Solar charger controller sizing

Module 21: Basics of Etap medium voltage network design

  • Short circuit current calculation
  • Voltage drop calculation

Module 22: UPS System

  • Need for an UPS
  • Synchronizing UPS with power system
  • Inverter sizing
  • Battery sizing

Module 23: Power system control and operation

  • ATS system
  • MTS System
  • Tap changers

Electrical drafting using AutoCAD tool

Module 1: Understanding civil layouts

  • Introduction and area calculation
  • Main walls and Partition walls
  • Stair case
  • Doors and Hinges
  • Dimensions
  • Elevation view and section views
  • Plotting


  • Introduction
  • Legends creation – part 1
  • Legends creation – part 2
  • Legends creation – part 3
  • Legends creation – exercise

Module 3: Implementing legends in project

  • Light sockets
  • Power sockets
  • Ceiling fans
  • Exhaust fans
  • Air Conditioner points

Module 4: Buses representation in 2D

  • Drafting light circuit layouts
  • Drafting power circuit layouts
  • Light and power circuit routing
  • Cable tray routing
  • Conduits routing
  • Supports for conduits and cable tray

Module 5: Electrical panels

  • Panel creation
  • Enclosures and name plates
  • Inserting panel boars to project

Module 6: AutoCAD lightning design

  • Creation of horizontal conductors
  • Creation of vertical conductors
  • Creating grids
  • Down comers

Module 7: Earthing design

  • Earthing pit design
  • Creating pipes
  • Creating the arc offsets
  • Filleting
  • Trimming
  • Join

Modules 8: Plotting

  • Scaling the project
  • Plot method 1
  • Plot method 2
  • Exporting project to different formats

Module 9: Electrical template creation

  • Editing the title block
  • Adding tables
  • Adding legends

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Kavya M

I have completed Electrical design course from Alpine.Training was good & project oriented with Placement assistance. Good place for freshers to start their careers.I got placement through Alpine..

shaik sumair

Alpine Coach Tree is the best institute in Bangalore to start the career in the HVAC field, I personally suggest this as i was benefited by this institute. I got the job through ACT Now I am working as HVAC project engineer.Thank you so much Sai Ram sir for always supporting us.

ramesh patil

Great experience …with effective teaching for Electrical Design Drafting..to improve your design skills.. the best management. & placements are available

Muthuvel Marudhu

Really the way of approach and conduct seminars to clera all our doubts… We got a job in brunei hvac technician. Tanq lot

Desing Baburaj

I found hvac heat ventilation and air conditioning course very resourceful here,as i received a job offer in a short span .excellent atmos as well as training was wonderful.

karthi keyan

Best Hvac training center and they are guiding us in a excellent way to get jobs. I am totally satisfied with the training

Kaviyarasan Ku

I had completed hvac coarse in Alpine coach tree, I’ m really satisfied with the training they are giving best training in hvac.

Reddy gireeshbabu

Alpine coach tree is a best HVAC training institute in Bangalore. Proper way of teaching and I got placed in good company.

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