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HVAC Training & Courses in Bangalore

Alpine Coach Tree helps the fresh graduates for HVAC Training in Bangalore to get into a rapid growing industry which is considered an essential in businesses, schools, and several other establishments. HVAC courses at ACT Bangalore equip graduates with the skills required to keep the systems running in perfect condition.

Error free operation and maintenance of these systems requires highly skilled Engineers, Sales Professionals and Technicians.The graduates are made to thoroughly understand the theoretical process involved and shown how to effectively implement this knowledge in real life situations.

Design Your Carrer with HVAC Courses

At ACT we let figures speak. Before you decide on joining us consider the following figures:

  • According to a study in 2014, India’s HVAC industry is worth INR. 25000 crores.
  • According to Technavio, a market research expert, the HVAC market in India is all set to grow at a CAGR of about 11% during the period of 2015 to 2019.
  • The HVAC market in Saudi Arabia is forecasted to grow up to 14% by the year 2020.

The Middle East region with its growth rate offers an array of opportunities to aspirants. Dubai and Oman are leading in creating better paying job opportunities.

HVAC opportunities

When you go for HVAC training a window of opportunities are presented for you to choose. There is a huge demand for HVAC professionals in both India and Dubai. The positions a pass out can join based on the qualification include HVAC engineering, HVAC technician, HVAC product manager and much more.

Job assistance to land at the right job

At ACT, we not only provide you quality education, but job assistance. With the help of out experts’ guidance, M.Tech, B.Tech and Diploma Graduates can land in a job that fits their level of education. Our experts are not just educators but market watchers as well. Their insight, experience and guidance will come in handy when it comes to placement.

Now is the time to take the right decision.

Take our courses and get HVAC certification to take your life to the next level. Contact us today to know more.

HVAC Designing Course Modules

As per American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE):

Introduction to HVAC.

  • Basic Fundamentals about HVAC.
  • Heat Transfer Concepts.
  • Modes of Heat Transfer.
  • Basic properties of the air.
  • Types of Heats around in room.
  • Applications of HVAC industry used in different fields.
  • Conversions of all Dimensioning systems.
  • Units of all Designing systems.


  • Identifying Psychrometric chart.
  • Identifying psychrometric values like Dry bulb Temperature, Wet bulb Temperature, Relative Humidity, Humidity ratio, Dew point Temperature Enthalpy.
  • Calculations on psychrometric Chart.
  • Finding the values of sensible heating, sensible cooling, Humidification and Dehumidification.
  • Process of cooling-Humidification and Heating-Dehumidification.

Basic Components of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration machines.

  • Basic Refrigeration System or Vapor Compression Cycle.
  • Working process of all components in refrigeration system like compressor , condenser, expansion valve and condenser
  • Pressure – Enthalpy Chart for Refrigeration cycle.
  • Accessories used in HVAC System.
  • Process of pressure testing in Refrigeration system
  • Learning about Refrigerants
  • Properties of refrigerants
  • Temperature of refrigerants like Boiling point and melting point temperatures.
  • Applications of Refrigerants.

Classification of Air-Conditioning System.

  • Window A/C
  • Split A/C
  • Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV)/Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)
  • Package Units
  • Central Plant Chill Water System

Categories of Air Conditioning.

  • Classifications of Air conditioning systems and their equipments.
  • Classifications of HVAC systems.
  • All air system
  • All water system
  • Air – water system
  • Direct Refrigerant system

Heat Load Calculations.

  • Survey of Building
  • Finding Temperature difference(ΔT) (Wall, Glass, Roof , Partition)
  • Finding ‘U’ Factor (Wall, Glass, Roof, Partition)
  • Finding Ventilation requirement for IAQ
  • Load Calculations (Manually using E-20 form)
  • ESHF, ADP & Air Flow Rate(CFM) Calculation

Air Distribution System.

  • Duct-Definition
  • Duct designing using Methods ; (Velocity Reduction method, Equal Friction method, Static Regain method).
  • Duct sizing as per Aspect Ratio
  • Finding Duct size using Ductulator
  • Calculation of Number of sheets for Duct
  • Gauge selection for Sheet Metal
  • Bill of Materials for Duct Network/li>
  • Selection of Diffusers and Grilles
  • Duct Routing – Preparation of single line diagram (SLD)
  • Preparation of Layouts (Double line Diagram – DLD) as per SMACNA rules

Static Pressure Calculation.

  • Selection of Motor HP
  • Selection Fan/Blower RPM

Chiller piping System.

  • Classification of Water Piping
  • Pipe sizing for chill water system
  • Pump Head Calculation
  • Selection of Pump

HVAC software’s.

  • XL sheet for Load Calculation.
  • XL sheet for Static Pressure.
  • XL sheet for Bill of Quantity.
  • Duct sizer software for Duct sizing
  • Psychrometry Software


  • G+5 Projects.
  • HVAC Design Project on Auto-Cad.
  • Chiller Design Project on Auto-Cad.

New Topics Added

  1. Understanding the Green Environmental
  2. Understanding Projects
  3. Understanding Green Projects
  • LEED-Leadership in Energy Efficiency and Design
  • EGBC– Emirates Green Building Council
  • ESTIDAMA (Sustainability)
  • USGBC-United States Green Building Council
  • IGBC– Indian Green Building Council
  1. ASHRAE– American Society of Heat Refrigeration Air-Conditioning Engineers
  2. ISHRAE– Indian Society of Heat Refrigeration Air-Conditioning Engineers
  3. HSE-Health and safety environmental
  4. Understanding Energy management
  5. Understanding Grey water system
  1. Ventilation
  • Commercial kitchen ventilation
  • Car parking ventilation
  • Toilet ventilation

Stair case pressurization