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Plumbing Training & Courses in Bangalore

ACT offers Plumbing Training and Courses for students seeking employment or career upgrades in the building design fields of plumbing and CAD drafting applications in architecture, engineering or construction related fields. We offer premium Plumbing Certification Program in Bangalore. The features of the course are:

  • This course provides students with instruction in the design of domestic water supply, water heating and gas piping systems for both residential and commercial buildings.
  • Course contents are on par with latest advancements in the industry and students are given a proper idea of the materials used, methods, codes and practices.
  • The course ensures solid knowledge in the fundamentals of design, analysis, installation, maintenance and testing of plumbing systems.
  • A lot of importance is given to the fundamentals of plumbing, design of water distribution System, design of drainage systems, hot water systems, system sizing & plumbing systems drafting.

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Introduction to Plumbing System


  • UPL – Uniform Plumbing Codes
  • IPC – International plumbing codes
  • NPC – National plumbing codes

Piping specification

  • Soil pipe
  • Strum pipe
  • Vent pipe
  • Sewer pipe

Water requirement

Tank sizing

  • OHT (Over head tank)
  • UGT (Under ground tank)

Hot water system

Plumbing in high rise building

Hydro pneumatic system

Drain waste vent

Private waste dispose

Drainage system

Storm water drainage

Green plumbing