Pro-E CREO Courses in Bangalore

Creo 4.0, is a complete set of concept design, 2D, 3D, simulation & analysis engineering software. It is majorly used in Mechanical Industry like Automobile and used in automotive design using diverse tools, with the participation of people of a variety of skills. The prime features of Creo tools include faster time to market, product quality, design efficiency, minimum errors, less scrap and rework.

What you’ll learn?

You’ll learn the best Pro e Creo Training course with complete details of 2-2D sketch modelling tools such as lines, circles, rectangle etc. Creating and designing 3-D models and shapes using various commands like extrude, sweep, blend. Creating complex shapes using surface modelling feature. Create assembly, drawing and projections of parts and components and sheet metal modelling.

Our programs are suitable for :

  • Beginners looking to start their career in the industry.
  • Intermediate-level users looking to improve their current skills.
  • Those who are looking to get the Certification.

Module 1: PTC Creo interface

  • Creo platform
  • Modelling prefaces

Module 2: Sketcher

  • Sketching tools
  • Constraint tools
  • Dimension tools
  • Lock dimensions
  • Constraints concept
  • Layout

Module 3: Modelling utilities

  • Model tree
  • Initial creating 3d models
  • Intro to shapes
  • Using shapes modelling

Module 4: Creating datum

  • Creating datum
  • Datum coordinate
  • Display of datum

Module 5: Engineering creation

  • Advanced creation tools
  • Creating blend & groove
  • Making cosmetic and rib

Module 6: Editing of engineering patterns

  • Boolean operation
  • Thicken & solidify
  • Editing 3d models

Module 7: PTC surface intraction

  • Creation of surfaces
  • Blend features
  • Filling of structures
  • Freestyling

Module 8: Assembly interface

  • Component alignment
  • Assembly types
  • Making mates
  • Mating constraints

Module 9: PTC sheet metal

  • Sheetmetal reference
  • Working with flanges
  • Making base & fill surface
  • Working with engineering sheetmetal

Lesson 10: Rendering

  • Rendering of objects
  • Render

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