We at ACT have considerable expertise in equipping both fresh and practicing engineers with the skills required to succeed in the industry. Ever since our inception in 2014, we have been committed to providing quality training to aspiring engineers. In this short span of two years, our training methods as well as placements have seen considerable growth and improvement, and are on par with the best in the industry.

Think MEP, Think US

We offer courses in disciplines such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical, firefighting etc. The courses are career based and aimed at producing skilled MEP (Mechanical Electrical Plumbing) professionals.

Recent years have seen the construction industry grow at an exponential rate. The demand for MEP professionals has also seen a corresponding increase. Technological advancements in construction have made the gap between academic knowledge and application of this knowledge in the industry increasingly apparent.

We at ACT aim to bridge this gap. Our courses are prepared by academic and industry professionals to ensure that students develop necessary practical skills. Great effort is taken to familiarize our students with the latest technologies and tools used in the industry and ensure that they are equipped to handle all contemporary professional challenges.

Get the act edge –stay ahead of the rest

Program specific courses: – Courses are tailored to hone technical skills specific to the program of choice. Students gain a thorough understanding of the body of knowledge associated with a certain program.

Professional and life skills

Aside from offering the best possible courses options when it comes to Revit MEP, HVAC and Electrical training, one only wants to join the best HVAC training or MEP training institute there is. At ACT, we inculcate among our students a sound work ethic that encourages them not only to work towards self-development but also to think for the greater good of the organization that they will work in. We groom our students and impart the necessary professional skills during our teaching module, and we also encourage them to go beyond their role in the organizationregardless of what that role is – HVAC, Electrical or Revit MEP. We also encourage them to have a positive attitude that focuses on problem solving rather than seeing the problems as obstacles. Building other key professional skills such as effective time management, working effectively in teams and developing interpersonal skills is also an area of focus for us while imparting training. We also focus on the overall development of the individual to ensure all-round progress of the student and therefore, of their employer as well.

Skills for progress

Being among the best HVAC training and MEP training institutes in India, we offer a variety of courses across streams such as Revit, Electrical (training and design courses) and a wide variety of MEP and HVAC courses suited to individual career needs. The depth of our teaching equips students to understand industry requirements and makes them self-motivated enough to stay abreast of new developments in the industry which they may come across during the course of their work. Our extensive course modules and teaching methods help students get access to the best classroom training. We therefore build a path to progress, helping them gain the skills necessary to enrich their professional career. Many students who have studied at our centres in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad have shared testimonials about their positive experiences with us.

Sustainability practices

Ecological sustainability is a key area of focus in our teaching modules, which makes us one of the best MEP training and HVAC training institutes in India. Our focus is on raising awareness among students on the importance and relevance of environmental conservation and sustainability in today’s world, even in their professional work arena.Sustainability is an upcoming arena in the HVAC industry and given the emphasis companies place on Corporate Social Responsibility, their focus is to conduct business as sustainably as possible with minimal ecological damage. This makes green-focused HVAC professionals attractive in the job market. In fact, Asia has been heralded as a fertile market for Green HVAC. Our Green HVAC course is a key differentiator in terms of our offerings.

Placement Assistance-From classroom to MEP industry

As one of the best HVAC training and MEP training institutes in India, we train our students for experiences that lie beyond the classroom arena. We hone our students to face job interviews and challenges they may face in the real world. We groom students by giving them tips, conducting mock interviews and instilling confidence in them by getting them to highlight their strengths during interviews. Our placement cell is constantly in touch with industry sources and aids students in getting jobs that are best suited to their aptitude. We coordinate interviews for our graduates with leading companies in the industry and our strong industry connections enable students to get the best out of their training with us.